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Disk usage options



You can use the options in the Disk Usage Viewer to control what is displayed in the viewer. Through the options, you can navigate through your site and change the information that is displayed in the viewer.




1 To access the Disk Usage Viewer, click on the icon above the words Disk Usage on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

· To navigate to a directory, click on the name of that directory

· To enable a display option, click on the box with the name of that option


Disk Usage Options:

Show Parent Directories (Hide Parent Directories)


This option will show (or hide) all top level directories in your site. When turned on, directories above public_html will be show. When turned off, only subdirectories will be shown.


Show More Directory Depth


This option will show all the subdirectories of the currently listed directories.


Show Less Directory Depth


This option will show all parent directories of the currently listed subdirectories.


Show Top Level


This option will show all files and directories that exist in your home directory.


Clear File Usage Cache


Hide Small Files (Show Small Files)


This option will hide all files that do not take up a significant amount of disk space. (This can be very useful when trying to find only the files that are using a lot of space on your site). Enabling Show Small Files will go back to showing all files in the current directory, regardless of size.


Show File Sizes as Bytes


This option will show all files sizes in bytes instead of megabytes

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