Adding Email Accounts

  1. Set the following in the "Add a New Email Account" section:
    • E-mail - Enter the name of the email account you
      want to create. This will be the username such as
      Select the domain you want to use for the email account from the
      drop down menu.
    • Password - Enter the password you want to use
      for the new email account.
    • Mailbox quota (optional) - Enter the amount in
      megabytes you want set for the amount of disk space allocated to
      the new email account.

  2. Click on the Create button.
  3. You will see the following confirmation:
    • "The e-mail account EMAIL_ACCOUNT with the login USERNAME+DOMAIN_NAME
      and password PASSWORD with a quota of MEGABYTES Megabytes was successfully

  4. Click on the Go Back link.
  5. You should now see your new email account in the four-column "Current
    Accounts" table, listed under the "Account" column. The "Current
    Accounts" table provides the following information:
    • Account - The email accounts and their associated
      email addresses you have created.
    • Access Webmail - You can directly access the associated
      email account via the available web based email clients.
    • Usage - This entry shows you how much disk space
      the associated email has used.
    • Functions - The drop down menu provides several
      options for managing the associated email account as shown below:
      • Delete - This option will delete the associated
        email account.
      • Change Quota - This will allow you to change
        the amount of disk space allocated to the associated email account.
      • Change Password - This will allow you to change
        the password of the associated email account.
      • Configure Mail Client - This will allow you
        to automatically configure your desktop mail client using the
        associated email account information, login, password and email
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